Core Values

The values which define our functions in achieving our mission and objectives are: honesty, compassion,
justice, unity, belief, discipline, resilience, open-minded, inquisitive, optimistic, and Islamic

International Mindedness

The concept of international-mindedness builds on these diverse perspectives to generate a sense of common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet. International mindedness is deeply embedded in the curriculum, enhanced further by promotion of the attributes of the Learner Profile.


A variety of assessment strategies and tools are used to assess students in the Al-Ain Schools keeping in mind their different learning needs and styles, allowing the teacher to plan the next stage of the learning process accordingly and summative assessments which are end of unit assessments.

Our Mission

We prepare our children for the greatest challenge in their life: to make informed decisions. For this purpose as leaders of tomorrow they need to be knowledgeable in various disciplines and skilled in communication and analysis.

Who We Are

Al Ain Schools is an English & Urdu speaking private school in the heart of Toba Tek Singh, Punjab Pakistan (1 Km from Main Bus Stop on DCO House Road Mustafabad)

Founded in 2012. Al Ain Scools remain committed to its mission to provide an academically challenging education in a supportive environment to students.


Teachers Empowered


Passed out Students


Years of Experience 


Training Workshops

Lower 1

Teaching Rhyming

Rhyming teaches children how language works. It helps them notice and work with the sounds within words. When children are familiar with a nursery rhyme or rhyming book, they learn to anticipate the rhyming word. 

Lower 2

Communication Skills

In our classroom, we work on communication skills starting with our toddler class, adding more as they continue in our preschool class. By working on listening and understanding skills, we are also building confidence.

Lower 3

Play-based learning

Al-Ain Schools emphasize on Play-based learning because it embraces giving children time to carry out their own ideas through play. Children are allowed to explore information in their surroundings in an experiential, exploratory way, rather than in a didactic, script-based format.


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Admission Calendar

New Classes Starting from April


Visiting Days Mon – Sat

E- Learning

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Students Testimonial

Rabia Islam

I find Al Ain Schools best school in Toba Tek Singh due to its healthy , innovative, commitments to education.

Ahmed Raza

Test Sessions of Al Ain Schools motivate students for A+ Marks in board exams, this thing always force me to believe in Al Ain Schools

Why Choose Us

  1. International level curriculum

  2. Early Childhood Education

  3. Security Cameras in each class

  4. Separate Classes for boys & girls

  5. Confidence development

  6. Classes as per 21st Century standards.

  7. Study tours & Visits

  8. Students counseling

  9. Parent Teacher meetings

  10. Awards and Rewards

Working Hours

Monday Working Hours

8:30 – 02:30

Tuesday Working Hours

8:30 – 02:30

Wednesday Working Hours

8:30 – 02:30

Thrs & Sat Working Hours

8:30 – 02:30

Friday Working Hours

8:30 – 12:30

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March 23, 2019


January 13, 2019

Teacher Training Workshop


June 10, 2018

Cash Prize for High Achievers


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About the school

21st Century skills are essential in our curriculum. Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Information literacy, Media literacy, Technology literacy, Flexibility, Leadership, Initiative, Productivity, Social skills.


  • DCO House Road Mustafabad, Toba Tek Singh Punjab, Pakistan
  • 0462512252
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  • +923371411726
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