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Al-Ain Cambridge is schooling system based upon Cambridge International 100%. At Al-Ain Cambridge we look at schooling differently. Come and see us and find out How ?


We are only school in town affiliated with Cambridge International. Al Ain Cambridge is providing 21st Century Education standards.


Our Curriculum and syllabus is Research based and totally meets the challenges of globalization


Al Ain Cambridge's faculty is Internationally Experienced and qualified and specially trained for Cambridge International Curriculum

What is new at al ain cambridge ?

Multimedia connected classes

Al Ain Cambridge owns multimedia and internet connected class rooms to encourage young learners to work in group. This way we inject how know of modern techniques into our pupils. 

English language skills

In present era English Language is absolutely central to a student’s learning: without it, A learner cannot make sense or communicate his/her understanding of a subject or skill. So at Al Ain Cambridge we focus on English language (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing) skills.

Research based syllabus

A research-based curriculum is a content-rich, meaning that it provides broad and varied experiences and activities that promote children’s learning and development. A rich curriculum invites children to think deeply about content that interests them and builds on their prior knowledge and experiences.

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