Al-Ain is


Why We Are Different ?

At Al-Ain Schools our philosophy is to promote critical thinking through deep inquiry and rigorous academics in a caring environment. The vision of our school is to help each student determine and reach their individual potential in math, science, humanities and the arts as well as social areas. Our students pass out as life-long learners and socially conscious participants in their communities.

Our Diversity

Al-Ain Schools strive to remain one the truly integrated schools of Toba Tek Singh. Al-Ain Schools are modernly diverse on many levels – culturally, socio-economically, religiously, ethnically and academically. This exposure to different people offers wonderful opportunities for our students that often turn into lifelong friendships.

Our Exceptional Faculty

Al-Ain School’s teachers bring their life experience and intellect into the classroom each and every day. Our teachers are a smart, enthusiastic and ultra-dedicated community, as this allows them to express themselves and take pride in their craft.

We encourage students to take risks, learn from mistakes, and move forward to face challenges.

Our students discover and develop a purpose and a place in the world by knowing themselves, respecting others, and recognizing possibility.

Best Schooling

Al-Ain Schools are ranked as a top school. Close to 100% of Al-Ain Schools pass outs seniors are accepted to colleges, many with scholarships to prestigious colleges. While many students join the Cadet Colleges around the Pakistan.

Students Write Exhibitions

Exhibitions are the type of assessment that reflects the kind of deep teaching and learning for which we strive. The purpose is to demonstrate both knowledge of a particular content area and the ability to think and communicate deeply about it. 

Small Classes

At Al-Ain Schools we believe that we learn and teach best when we know each other well. Al-Ain Schools devotes the bulk of its resources to maintaining small class sizes to support a student-centered environment. In fact, we have been doing this long before it was fashionable.