Background & History

Background and History:

Al-Ain School was established in 2012. Al-Ain school came into being with a revolutionary ideas. Al-Ain school’s academic outlook as the school made a firm move formed to become one of the outstanding schools in Toba Tek Singh. The mission of the school is to provide students in the treasure valley with a quality, independent education that focused on engaging and active learning a commitment to the environment, and dedication to the school and local communities. Since its opening, the school’s dynamics educational environment has continued to evolve. In three years enrollment doubled.

We have always been known as a student centered school Due to student centered school. Al-Ain school has always enjoyed a good reputation in the local area. In recent years we have made a number of updates to the building we have well equipped classrooms. Class rooms are modernized with a huge range of teaching resources and facilities. We have a large school hall and up to date IT suite which all children visit each week. A big playground is here for students to develop sportsman’s ship in them. We also encourage our pupils to read frequently and give them plenty of opportunities. For physical education and activities. A multi-use games area are available on the school premises along with our large playground, where our pupils are encouraged to explore and play throughout the day.

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