Faculty & Staff

Faculty and Staff:

Experts in their fields, passionate about the art of teaching, and eager to continually enhance their practice to benefit students, Al-Ain’s faculty members, along with their students, are the core of our learning community. Teachers are artists, musicians, computer professionals, Physical Trainers, mentor,  writers and export in their subjects at High school level. As role models who demonstrate the joy of lifelong learning, Bentley teachers set high standards and provide students with the habits of mind and heart that enable them to participate in the world with purpose and meaning. With knowledge of the developmental needs of children from Play Group to High School, Al-Ain’s faculty members are mentors and leaders guiding students along a path of academic discovery.

Al-Ain Schools are committed to supporting the most effective learning through teacher professional development. Al-Ain School’s management provide the resources for teachers’ professional development, contributing to a vibrant community of teachers and learners. Sharing their learning with peer teachers and implementing enhanced curriculum and pedagogy into their classrooms, teachers are top professionals who ensure student learning is meaningful, substantive, and relevant in a dynamic world.


We are poised towards achieving academic excellence and reaching out to each child’s learning ability. The Languages Department is equipped to shape each student’s language development to reflect their identity, values and experiences both in and out of lessons.

Languages Department comprises of the following subjects:

English Studies/Language.

Literature in English.

Urdu Studies/Language.

Literature in Urdu.

Department of Science

The goal of the Science Department Curriculum at Al-Ain School is, first and foremost, to expose our students to the breadth of the subject matter. The goal of Al-Ain Schools Science Department’s curriculum is, first and foremost, to expose our students to the breadth of the subject matter. We firmly believe in having our students study the five traditional disciplines of science: biology, chemistry, and physics, Mathematics and computer. Through this foundational philosophy, we feel that we best serve both our science-oriented students, as well as our students whose interests expand beyond the sciences.

In addition to work in the classroom, students take their knowledge into the lab one day per week for practical learning experience. Al-Ain students not only learn science; they “do” science.

Arts Department:

By choosing to study in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences you will be choosing to join a vibrant, academically rigorous community, one where you will hone your research and critical thinking skills – no matter where your interests lie within the arts, humanities and social sciences.