Al-Ain Girls High School:

Al-Ain Schools offer an alternative to traditional co-ed schooling. One of the benefits of all-girls campus is a structured, safe and encouraging environment, free from the potential pressures of a co-ed classroom. Young girls are given the opportunity to build meaningful, lifelong relationships with other young women, and to excel academically and personally in an environment that nurtures their strengths and needs. Al-Ain School’s students often show higher achievement, higher self-esteem and greater sense of accomplishment than students of traditional co-ed schools. Al-Ain Schools have some of the highest academic standings in the Pakistan.

Al-Ain schools implement English as a primary language in curriculum, but Urdu is also mandatory.

Our syllabus is research based. Computer, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, English and Urdu language skills are basic part of Al-Ain school’s curriculum.

Al-Ain Girls High School favors breadth and depth of learning rather than acceleration programs.  The curriculum is based on the expectation that students will have the ability and desire to meet the challenges of a broad education in a stimulating, supportive and competitive environment that caters for students intending to progress to tertiary education.  The School is committed to developing intellectual, artistic and sporting excellence so that every student has the opportunity to reach his full potential and is provided with inspirational and challenging teaching that is caring of the individual.