Junior School

Challenging Curriculum 

While following the Ministry of Education Curriculum, Al-Ain Schools teachers approach learning by harnessing the natural interests of the students. By navigating curriculum through inquiry and linking curriculum together through broader units, students are able to better understand how various skills can be applied to real world ideas.

Inquiry-Based Learning

We help students learn by focusing teaching around their questions. By embracing investigation, we optimize retention, encourage discussion and help students take ownership of their education. Inquiry-based learning leads to more interdisciplinary lessons, more creative thinking and more complex solutions.

Weekly, Music, Drama & Technology

Exposing students to a variety of subjects while they are young helps them develop an appreciation for the arts, language and expands their skills. Through music and drama performances, they also develop confidence that leads to public speaking and presentation skills. Technology is taught as a tool to help students further their academic learning as well as to begin learning the basic ideas around coding and various apps.


During the primary years, students begin to understand the world and how they fit into it as individuals. They learn that actions have an impact, how to interact with others, as well as how their identity and passions can make them insightful global citizens.

Students attend field trips linked to their areas of study and have an opportunity to participate in a constantly growing array of clubs – either before school, at lunch or after school. They explore and engage with the school community through activities like our Remembrance Day assembly, Sports Day, at-school camp week, Terry Fox run, party and Body Science Awareness. Parent integration also plays a role in extracurricular activities such as Mother’s Day Tea, Winter Concert, Spring Play and parent teacher conferences.