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Al-Ain School is yours to create.

Student life at Al-Ain School is created by passion, inquisitiveness, and a enthusiasm to ascertain. In other words, it is yours to create. The Al-Ain School provide a diverse range of cultural, recreational and social activities for students. With so many choices, students can learn new skills or sports; discover talents they never knew they had and make friendships that will create memories for a lifetime. In simple words Al-Ain School is yours.

Make time to see a show, cheer on the Al-Ain Schools Excellence Awards Distribution Ceremony, dance outside at a farewell, or attend an interesting lecture. At Al-Ain Schools, there is always an event that will suit your mood and give you a chance to discover new things to do (and new people to meet) every day of the week.

The eclectic is celebrated at Al-Ain Schools. Exploring and broadening your horizons through the diverse cultural offerings in all campuses, is an important part of a rewarding student life. Cultural expression shows up in different ways for everyone so try seeing a show, stepping into a gallery for a student art show. Quiet or bombastic, sitting in audience or enjoying a solo experience, the choice is up to you to discover.

Jump, dive, run, or leap into sports events at Al-Ain Schools and join a rich tradition of athletic dedication that has been core to Al-Ain School’s spirit since the university opened its doors. The Al-Ain Schools offer a wide range of sports to participate in or attend.

Student’s councils at Al-Ain Schools have been adopted by school management. Students are directly answerable for their own class individually. They are involved with teachers for discipline in their classes.