Message from the




Welcome to Al-Ain Schools, an inclusive school where our central values of reverence, springiness and veracity underpin all aspects of our learning day. We have a staff body who are dedicated to working alongside every child to livelihood them in bold to be tremendous in everything they do and we vanity ourselves on educating the whole child.

We currently have a student population of more than 1000 children in 26 classrooms. Our school buildings and grounds are modern, springy and sprawling and provide all who learn and work here with a sense of pride and encouragement to learn in a exclusively beautiful setting. We have up to date technology for the students.

Our school has a strong 6 years history of providing value education to the Toba Tek Singh and surroundings. Along with this sense of history, a sense of belonging and familiarity quickly develops. The parents, teachers and children have a strong community spirit and are committed to ensuring the school remains a happy and safe place for learning and growing.

Parents are always welcome. You can assist in your child’s classroom or arrange visits with class teachers outside of class time. Regular informal contact and communication with teachers is encouraged and every effort is made to develop a supportive relationship between home and school.

The School Council and staff have committed themselves to ensuring that all programs are in line with currently held beliefs about teaching and learning. Our teachers undertake ongoing professional development as part of their everyday work life. Co-operative planning and team teaching is adopted throughout the school which results in the best possible learning environment for your child. Students who come to Al-Ain Schools receive a well-balanced and varied curriculum which focusses on the whole child, providing them with a solid foundation for their future.

Become a part of our school community. Participate and enjoy your child’s learning journey. Remember your opinions and concerns are valued and it is extremely important to communicate with the school at any time regarding matters which may be influencing your child’s progress. If we can work together, then your child’s learning journey will continue to be a happy and enjoyable one.

Rabia Kazam